downloadThree Reasons to Host a Car Wash Fundraiser

Coming up with inexpensive and effective fundraising ideas can be a challenge. You need to bring in some cash for your charity, but you don’t have a lot of money to spend or useful resources for soliciting sponsors. Choosing to host a car wash fundraiser can be a great option for church groups, youth groups, sports teams, and the like. Here are three great reasons to host a car wash fundraiser:

1. It’s really cheap. If you have the members of your organization host the fundraiser themselves, then you’ve taken care of the manpower problem right away. Since you don’t have to spend money on labor, all you need are some buckets, water and soap, hoses, and towels. Make sure to work with a local business in a high traffic area to find an ideal location for your car wash. Charge a nominal fee like $5, or you can even wash cars for free and accept tips as donations.

2. It’s fun for the kids. Teens and children love to do something unique like this as a fundraiser. It’s like having a party; only they are working to raise money too. It’s a social gathering where they can spend time with their friends while doing something purposeful. It’s a great way to raise money for a youth group that needs some extra funds.

3. It’s something everyone needs. That’s the beauty of hosting a car wash. Busy people do their shopping and run errands on the weekends and are always trying to fit in all of the items on their ‘to do’ lists. By offering a car wash in a high traffic area, you are providing people with a valuable time saving service that will also save them money. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!