user_photo-5421de4fab472Three Reasons to Host a Burger King Fundraiser

When it comes to raising money for your charity, food is king. That’s why working with a local fast food restaurant chain or small business for a food fundraiser is a great idea. Restaurants often work with local youth groups, school sports teams and more. It helps promote their brand and you can capture attention for your cause because their restaurant is a household name. Here are three reasons to consider hosting a Burger King fundraiser:

1. They offer a generous money making opportunity. Once you’ve worked with your local Burger King to set a date and time for your event, the restaurant will contribute a generous 20% of the pre-tax sales to your charity organization based on the sales that your organization generates during that time frame.

2. You get your funds fast. One of the best benefits of doing a fundraiser like this is that Burger King promises to mail your proceeds to you within 45 days of your event. This can be faster than when you have to wait for other event donations in the mail.

3. They offer an electronic evite that’s easy to use. On their website, Burger King offers an automated invitation that allows you to instantaneously send out an invitation to everyone on your list. If you spend some time promoting your event ahead of time, then you can generate excitement about the event and follow up with the invitation.

On their Benefit Your Cause website that focuses on Burger King fundraising opportunities, they suggest planning ahead of time and spending some time marketing your event to make it as successful as possible. Promoting the fundraiser in your organization’s newsletter and creating flyers to post in common areas are just a few suggestions about how to create excitement before the event. The website also includes an easy sign up form to start your event.