nonprofit_fundraisingThree Reasons To Consider Direct Action Fundraising

Fundraising can be a dizzying mix of goals, tasks, strategy, and outcomes. Raising money for a charity can be an overwhelming task fraught with challenges and obstacles and sometimes if you have too many events planned or you spread your resources too thin, you can confuse your donors and your volunteers. Direct action fundraising ties a specific action to your fundraising goals and can be a very effective way of raising donated money. Here are three reasons why you should consider direct action fundraising:

1. It takes the guesswork out of donating. Direct action fundraising means that you ask people for something very specific when you are hosting an event or fundraiser. An example would be that you ask people to donate $30 to buy musical instruments for your child’s school band because school district funding has been cut. Donating can be confusing for people. They wonder how much other people are donating or they are unclear about where the money is going once they decide to make a donation. If you ask them for a specific amount for a specific item, there is no confusion and you may be able to get them to act.

2. It can help you crunch the numbers for your charity. Assuming you know what your financial goals are as an organization, dividing your final number up by the number of people you are approaching can help you understand clearly where you need to be and how many people you need to ask. You can easily do some calculations to figure out who you should approach and where you might need to cast your wider net.

3. It ups the simplicity factor exponentially. Fundraising can be downright daunting and complicated. If you launch a fundraiser that asks all donors to take the same action, it can keep costs low for your organization and makes the whole thing super simple.