Three Highly Effective Restaurant Fundraising Ideas

Getting local restaurants involved in your fundraising campaign can be a great way to raise money for your charity. The restaurants can benefit greatly from the publicity and advertising that are generated from being involved in a charity event, and the charity benefits directly from donations in the form of food, service, gift cards, and more. There are a number of restaurant fundraising ideas that your charity can choose from. Having a local eatery donate a gift certificate for your charity auction or getting them to donate free food to your church food pantry are always good options, but here are some other great restaurant fundraising ideas:

 Coupon Books

Many charitable organizations sell coupons books as part of their fundraising campaign. Coupons books are successful because they are low-cost, they are popular with local businesses and customers, and they are easy to promote. Organize a coupon book promotion for your non-profit organization and then hit the pavement to get local restaurants to be a part of your book. Being in a coupon book can drive traffic to their door and be great advertising for potential new customers.

Sell Dinner and a Movie

Many charities sell discount meal cards as a part of their fundraiser, and oftentimes they can be given as a prize in a charity auction, for instance. Work with your local restaurants and movie theaters to sell a “date night” discount card. A percentage of the profits will go towards your charity and the restaurants and theaters will see an increase in patrons.

Fundraising Dinner

One great restaurant fundraising idea is to talk to the manager of your favorite local restaurant about hosting a fundraising dinner for your organization. Perhaps they can pick one menu item and create a standard dinner for people attending the fundraiser, such as having a “steak night” or “burger night”. Then, attendees will pay a flat fee for the fundraising dinner and a portion of the profits will go towards your charity. You can also ask for out of pocket donations during the fundraising dinner.