iStock_000019779403XSmallThree Highly Effective Professional Fundraising Ideas

A cookie-cutter approach won’t be the way to go when it comes to professional fundraising ideas. Your organization might require a different type of strategy then other non-profits. If you’re heading up a fundraiser for a large charity or non-profit organization, it’s good to do a bit of research and tap into the ideas of other professional fundraisers to get some big money fundraising ideas. If you want your charity to be successful, diversify and attempt to develop multiple fundraising channels. Here are three highly effective professional fundraising ideas:

1. Gather an affinity group together. An Affinity Group fundraiser means that you gather a specific group of people together that have some kind of profession in common. Doctors, veterinarians, mountain climbers, you name it. If you can rally this affinity group together around your cause, they can pledge to raise money on your behalf. There is power in numbers, so make sure that they band together for your cause and of course, they need to have a common interest in your cause.

2. Create a Facebook campaign. Who isn’t on Facebook these days? It’s a powerful—and very inexpensive—tool that you can use to raise awareness for your cause, launch your campaign, and work towards your financial goal. Try launching a Facebook contest for your charity for all of your donors that awards them something related to your charity. Encourage photo and resource sharing for anything related to your charity and most of all get Facebook friends to participate and engage on your page. You’ll spread the word about the good work that you’re doing and raise money in the process.

3. Roll out the red carpet. Whether it’s a celebrity fashion show, a spectacular gala with live entertainment, or a cooking competition, potential sponsors love to be entertained and marketed. Hosting a major event and requesting sponsorship can be a lot of work, but can also earn your non-profit some big money. Your sponsors will get valuable marketing and advertising opportunities, and you’ll raise money from them and people that attend your event.