pizzaThree Great Pizza Fundraisers

Pizza fundraisers can be a really fun and effective fundraising idea. There are many ways that you can raise money through pizza sales. If you’re in charge of finding school fundraising ideas, work with local pizza businesses to try to work out a partnership. They will enjoy the free advertising and you can make a profit for your school organization. Here are three great pizza fundraisers:

1. Sell pizza by the slice. Say you are in charge of hosting a fundraiser for your child’s baseball team. Selling pizza by the slice can be an ‘easy money’ way to raise money for the team. Work out a deal with the local pizza place to sell hot pizza by the slice at each game for a small profit (say one dollar on top of the normal sales price). People watching the game will love having a delicious slice of hot pizza and you’ll make money for your team.

2. Use a discount card. Discount cards are a really popular fundraising option because they give buyers discounts at their favorite places—including their favorite local pizza joint. Again, work with a local pizza company to offer coupons or discounts via a pizza discount card and you can make a profit for your team.

3. Host a pizza party. Pizza parties are always a fun way to raise money and can be a great way to rally people together around your organization. Many restaurants will let you host your fundraising party at their place. They will offer you some pizzas in bulk at a reduced rate. You can everyone pay a flat fee for each dinner ticket and then host a nice pizza party. Also, you can make extra

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