custom gifts for united way campaignThree Great Do It Yourself Fundraising Ideas

Finding creative small group fundraising ideas can be a challenge—especially if you’re interested in finding low-budget do it yourself fundraisers. There are hundreds of good ideas online that can offer you inspiration and leveraging the creativity of other members or your organization may help too. But, if you need further inspiration, here are three great do it yourself fundraising ideas:

1. Raffling Off Gift Baskets. This can be a really fun way to raise money and to give people something they can really get excited about. Making your own gift baskets and then raffling them off—or even just selling them outright for a profit—can help you raise money for your charity. The possibilities with gift baskets are endless. One way to go is create themed gift baskets for men and women. Something like a spa gift basket with bath bubbles, spa treatments or even gift cards are a great idea. Or, a sports themed gift basket for men could be a really popular choice. The main thing to remember is to start the bidding price well above the cost of the materials so that you can make a profit.

2. Host a Breakfast With…Hosting a themed breakfast, such as a breakfast with Santa during the holidays, or a breakfast with the Easter Bunny during Easter can be a fun way to get the community involved and bring people in the doors. You can serve food like donuts and fruit that are inexpensive and easy for groups of people, or go a little more complicated and host a pancake breakfast. Either way, people will love the idea and you can charge an entry fee at the door.

3. Sell Care Packages. This is another creative and fun way to raise money for your charity. Care packages can be created on a themed basis, such as college care packages for high school students that are graduating and moving on to college, or military care packages for members of the armed services. You can put the packages together yourself and get an estimate for shipping then sell them at a profit.