charity-donation1-300x183Three Fun Restaurant Fundraising Ideas

Restaurant fundraising, especially when it involves local restaurants and your small charity group, can be a really fun and effective way to make money for your organization. Whether you choose smaller local restaurants or large chain restaurants, there can be benefits to choosing either. Large restaurant chains that host food fundraisers have the power of their well-known brand which can get people excited about your fundraiser. Smaller restaurants are usually well connected in the community and have local recognition. They often benefit from the good PR that a fundraising event can bring, so they might be eager to get involved. Here are three fun restaurant fundraising ideas:

1. Host a charity cooking class. Approach your local restaurant to host a fundraising event that involves a cooking class taught by their chefs or some local chef. If it’s a classy restaurant, talk to them about hosting a wine tasting or wine pairing event. They can donate a portion of the proceeds to your organization, or you can charge a small entry fee for the event and the profits can be donated to your charity.

2. Have them cater an event at your organization or other fun place. Some restaurants might be willing to donate food if you host a charity event around the food. A good example would be a local barbeque joint that donates entrees and sides for a cowboy picnic that your church is hosting. There are many ways to get food donated, and many restaurants are keen if they get free advertising.

3. Ask for the portion of the bill or gift cards. An easy way to get restaurants involved is to simply request that the restaurant donate a portion of their proceeds to your charity on a specific day or time. You can encourage people to eat at that restaurant on that day to drive business through their doors and increase donations. You can also request donated gift cards for charity events.