children-300x254Three Fun Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Coming up with effective fundraising ideas for kids can be a bit challenging. First and foremost, you want your fundraisers to be safe and secure. Also, in most cases, the cost of hosting a fundraiser can be a major deciding factor when trying to determine your strategy. They also need to be easy to understand and not too long in duration since kids won’t have the patience for long drawn out events. Here are three fun fundraising ideas for kids to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Host a kids charity car wash. This is always a fun way to raise money and get the kids really involved. It doesn’t cost much money to host something like this, and children love to work as a team and splash in the water. A tried and true fundraising method, members of your group will love this one.

2. Host a school or group pajama party. Kids love this one too because they get to spend the night with their buddies. Parents love it because they have a free night without the kiddos. All you need for this is some fun activities to keep the kiddos busy during the sleepover (or just have lots of movies). You also need a group of parent volunteers or helpers to keep everyone in line. Order pizzas or have snacks for the group and charge the parents a fee to have their child participate in the sleepover. You will raise money for your group in no time with this fun fundraising idea.

3. Have a cake festival. This fun and simple method is a great idea and can often get parents involved in your charity. Invite children and their parents over to have tea and cake during an afternoon fundraiser. You can make a variety of cakes, or change it up and make cupcakes, and charge a small fee or even solicit donations when people come to your event. It’s a fun way to socialize and you might get other parents involved in your efforts.