istock_000018094345smallThree Effective Small Group Fundraising Ideas

Raising big money for a small group can be tricky business, but with some creativity and teamwork, you can raise money for your small group charity with minimal cost and maximum fun. Church groups, school sports teams, women’s groups, and other groups often need to organize fundraisers so that they can continue to thrive. Gathering a team of ambitious people who can raise money and creating a fundraising plan are imperative when trying to raise funds for a small group. Here are three other highly effective small group fundraising ideas:

1. Host a concert or provide entertainment at an event. Are you raising money for your school choir or band? Then, put on a dazzling show for fellow students or parents and charge admission. What about hosting a play that raises funds for a theater group. If you’re trying to raise money for a sports team, then host a charity sports-a-thon. People love to be entertained and have fun things to do, so host an entertaining event, charge for admission, and raise money for your organization while doing so.

2. Sell candy. It takes a lot of willpower to say no to candy. That’s why candy sales can be such an effective way to save money. Work with a company that specializes in charity candy sales, or buy the candy wholesale and sell it to friends and family, door to door, or set up a table at a social event and sell your candy there. Selling candy can give people sweet incentive to donate to your cause.

3. Provide some type of free service. Whether it’s washing cars or cleaning houses, people love to receive something in return for a donation. Have your charity group offer to provide babysitting or pet sitting services. Raking leaves and doing yard work can be another way to raise money. Ask neighbors and acquaintances what they need help with the most and then try to offer that service for donations.