Three Effective Ideas for Soliciting Sponsors 

Hosting a fundraiser for your non-profit organization can be hard work, and the most challenging part can often be deciding how to approach potential donors for sponsorship. When deciding how to launch a fundraising event for your charity, it’s important to weigh different approaches and make a solid plan. Here are three effective ideas for soliciting sponsors for your fundraiser event.

  1. 1.      Create a customized pitch in a fund raising letter. Instead of having a totally uniform solicitation template, create a fully customized version of a fund raising letter and packet for each business that you will be approaching about possible sponsorship. Make sure to outline the specific benefits for that particular business should they decide to sponsor your event. Include a list of suggestions about how their business and your organization can work together during and after the event.
  2. 2.      Approach the media about possible sponsorship. Getting the local media involved in your charity event can be a great way to get publicity and advertising without having to spend a lot of money out of your marketing budget. Local radio stations and newspapers often like to get out into the public to gain notoriety and are great candidates for sponsorship.

Do research and take advantage of your personal and professional networks. One of the most effective ways of soliciting sponsors to raise money for your charity is to look within your own personal network. When trying to make a plan, be sure to talk to friends, neighbors, and work colleagues about who they might know that may benefit your fundraiser. Perhaps they know the owner of a radio station, or maybe they are related to the owner of a popular local restaurant that loves getting involved in the local community. Once you take this approach, you might be surprised at how well-connected your friends and family are.