silentauctionThree Effective Auction Fundraising Ideas

Whether you choose to host a silent auction, or have an auction that is out in the open, auction fundraisers can be a great fundraising idea. It can be a popular social event, which makes it a great way to raise awareness about your non-profit, and it can also be a wonderful way to get community businesses involved which can also add legitimacy to the mission of your charity. To get you started with planning your charity auction, here are three effective auction fundraising ideas:

1. Have an experience based auction. People love experiences and it’s often something that they won’t spend money on during a normal day, but they might be willing to bid on an enticing experience during an auction. Whether it’s a vacation to tropical paradise or tickets to a whimsical theme park, focusing your auction around experience based items for bidding can be a great money maker and will get your audience excited.

2. Be sure to auction off services. Whether its house cleaning, car detailing, or gourmet meals prepared in your homes, service oriented items can be a huge draw for potential bidders. Be sure to throw in a good number of unique and valuable service items that people can bid on, even if they are services that are being offered by volunteers. People will love the chance to bid on something that is for a good cause but will also help them manage their everyday lives.

3. Incorporate something that gives people bragging rights. People love to show off their shiny new auction items, especially if it’s been touched or especially signed by someone famous. Items like autographed footballs from a local celebrity football player, or a shirt signed by a well-known rock start will be the hit of your auction and will keep people buzzing throughout the whole event. Best of all, it will make money when sold to the highest bidder.