boysoccerblue-200x300Three Easy Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

It’s always hard to come up with fundraising ideas that are both easy and low cost. If you’re heading up your child’s sports team fundraiser, you’re likely a busy parent that has too many items on your plate anyways, and you don’t really have the money to throw in a huge donation that will take care of the team. To get you started on your path to raising money, here are three easy fundraising ideas for sports teams.

1. Make it a pizza night. Whether you choose to sell pizza at one of your sport events or you work with a local pizza joint to have them donate a portion of their check earnings, pizza fundraising is a great way to raise money for your team. You can even make it social and host a pizza part (for a small entry fee) at someone’s house or host it at a local restaurant and ask them for a discounted rate. Another option is to sell pizza discount cards as there are many companies online that specialize in this.

2. Raise some dough. It’s a common fundraiser for schools and small groups because it’s popular and it works well. You can work with a high quality cookie company to sell frozen cookie dough to people for a profit. Again, there are many companies that offer this sort of product and service and they can help guide you through the fundraising process. This is a great option for football teams since football season takes place during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, when cookie dough would be especially popular.

3. Host a monthly ice cream social. Invite friends, family and of course team members for a charity ice cream social in honor of your sports team. Buy all of the makings for some great ice cream sundaes and charge a small entry fee or ‘per sundae’ fee and be sure to add enough money to allow for profits.