entbookThree Creative Ways to Sell Coupon Books

Charity coupons books can be a great way to raise money for your charity or non-profit. People love them because they are full of discounts and freebies and offer buyers of menu of restaurant and business choices. It’s also great advertisement for local businesses and it brings traffic through their doors. It’s sometimes hard to come up with good fundraising ideas, but coupons books are almost always a great way to go and there are many companies out there that can handle your coupon book order. Here are three creative ways to sell coupon books:

1. Set up a table at work. See if your boss will give you approval to set up a coupon book table at work. Display the coupons books and include a typed list of some of the more popular restaurants or locales listed in the book. Include order envelopes so that your co-workers can casually walk by and place their coupon book order. Make sure to include some information about the fact that the books support a great cause!

2. Try the lunch room. At lunchtime, people are hungry, ready to eat, and ready to relax. That means they are thinking about food and what they want to do when they’re not at work. Whether it’s a lunch room at school or in a professional building, try selling your coupons books during lunch and you might have a better chance of finding buyers.

3. Sell them at an event. Whether you set you set up a table at an event such as a school baseball game or a choir concert, or simply go person to person to make a sale, try approaching people during a related school event. Parents, friends, and family members love to support community or school events, so they might be more likely to buy. Plus, you’ll have a captive audience for your coupon book sales efforts.