downloadThree Creative Game Fundraising Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to get creative when trying to come up with fun and unusual fundraising ideas for your charity. If you’re in charge of multiple fundraisers, it can be boring do the same old direct mail fundraisers, bake sales, or product sale fundraisers. Getting people involved, active, and engaged can raise awareness about your charity and also add a lot of fun to your fundraising efforts, so consider hosting a fundraiser that involves a little game playing. To get you started, here are three fun and creative game fundraising ideas:

1. Play Bingo. People love to play this game because it’s great for any age and it’s always fun to win prizes. You can organize a charity bingo fundraiser by getting people to donate prizes. People can either donate cool items that they are trying to get rid of, gift baskets, or you can even get local businesses involved and get them to donate meals or gift cards. Charge a small entry fee and have a friend be the designated bingo ringleader to call out letters and numbers. You can even serve snacks or food for an extra fee.

2. Sing a little song. Host a karaoke concert or contest and charge a small entry fee. You can even have singers request donations if they pledge to sing certain songs. Again, you can sell refreshments to raise some extra money, and an event like this is guaranteed to offer lots of laughter and fun. You can even make it a contest and have the participants pay a fee to enter the content. The winner gets a prize and your charity gets the money.

3. Host a board game tournament. This can be a totally awesome way to raise money and you can even make this a regular monthly event if it’s popular enough. You can charge a small entry fee, such as $10 and choose a game like Monopoly, Scrabble, or others. Select prizes for the top 2 or 3 winners and the remaining money gets donated to your charity. People love a little bit of friendly competition—especially if it’s for a good cause.