4.0Three Creative Company Fundraising Ideas

Need to spice up the fundraising efforts at your company? There are oodles of good fundraising ideas out there for the taking, but sometimes it takes a little bit of inspiration to get your team of colleagues interested in raising money for a charity. To get you started on your path to creativity, here are three creative company fundraising ideas:

1. Set up an in-kind program within your company. This is a great way to raise money for your charity of choice, and if you can generate a little bit of friendly competition, you can get your co-workers really motivated. Start by generating in-house donations from your colleagues and then get your company to agree to in-kind donations where they match whatever money the individuals can raise. Make sure to keep people motivated by offering some kind of prize to the person who generates the most donations.

2. Keep it embarrassing. No, we’re not suggesting abject humiliation, but again, friendly competition works wonders when it comes to fundraising. Organize your employees into teams and set a fundraising goal. Then, organize an embarrassing (but in a funny embarrassing kind of way) ‘punishment’ for the team that doesn’t reach their goal (or the team that raises the least amount of money. Making the losing team wear ugly sweaters, making the losers host a party for the winners—that sort of thing. Keep the fun going and don’t make it ominous, but your team will be sure to have a blast and they will be motivated not to lose.

3. Host a friends and family game night. This is an awesome way to raise money and something that you can get both employees and their families involved in. You can gather the best board games or group games around and host a game night event. Have refreshments and charge an entry fee. You can offer prizes to the top three winners, but all of the proceeds can be donated to your charity.