14d3mkgThree Cost Effective Fundraising Ideas For Your Charity

Raising money for your non-profit can be a challenging thing to do, especially when marketing and set-up funds are tight. It takes time, lots of resources, and of course more money to actually raise money, which makes it important to find cost-effective fundraising ideas. There are oodles of fundraising ideas out there, some that cost more than others. Here are three cost-effective fundraising ideas for your charity to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Host a charity garage sale. This is a great way to get members of your organization and their families involved in your fundraising efforts. Plus, it’s an awesome way for people to go through their closets and get rid of stuff. You know the old saying about one man’s trash being another man’s treasure, which is why garage sales are a great idea. Determine a time, day, and location, and set up some make-shift tables and displays. Have friends and family donate unwanted items to sell and then all of the profits will go towards your charity. To sweeten the deal, you can even sell bottled waters, cold drinks, or snacks for a profit during your garage sale.

2. Host a services auction. This is yet another cheap and fun way to raise funds for your non-profit. Offer car washes, painting and handy man services, or even lawn mowing or gardening services. It doesn’t cost anything to host an event like this—just a little elbow grease and hard work. People can bid on services or you can charge an outright fee for each service and then all proceeds would go to your charity.

3. Host a babysitting party. Again, all this takes is some volunteers and some willing parents who want to have a date night. Offer to babysit for tips or a small fee and then donate all of your earned babysitting money to your charity. This is a great way to raise money and parents will love having a date night!