Three Best Ways to Sell Coupon Books for Your Charity

To sell coupon books for your charitable organization can be a great way to raise money and get the local community involved. Many non-profit organizations like coupons books for a number of reasons. Coupons books are inexpensive to make, it offers potential donors valuable products and services (instead of just asking them outright for monetary donations), and local businesses are often eager to get involved. Selling coupons books can be beneficial to all parties involved. Here are the three best ways to sell coupon books for your charity:

1.      Set Up A Table At An Event

Make the rounds in your local community to see if you can set up a table during that event and devote the time to coupon book sales. You may have to pay a nominal fee, but presenting the coupons books in a high traffic area can be a great way to attract new customers. Church bazaars, school sporting events, dance recitals, and local playhouses can be great places to promote your fundraising coupon books.

2.      Partner With A Local Business

Knock on the doors of local businesses to see if you can sell your coupon books outside their front door, or maybe even at a table inside a local restaurant or shop. Offer a trade with a local business for free advertising in the coupon book if they agree to let you host a coupon book selling party at their place. Bartering can be a great way to partner with local businesses to sell coupon books.

3.      Ask Friends & Family

One of the most effective ways to drive coupon book sales is to ask friends, family members, and neighbors to get involved. Go door to door in your neighborhood or ask other members of your church. Ask you friends and family to spread the word to their friends and family—and give them a few coupons books of their own to sell. Word of mouth can be a very powerful selling tool.