The Three Best Professional Fundraising Ideas

Proactive and professional fundraising is essential for any charity organization. Direct mailings and outreach are good fundraising ideas but often it’s necessary for non-profit organizations to up the ante in terms of their fundraising efforts and host events that go beyond writing letters for sponsorship. Organizing a professional fundraising team and identifying your targeted audiences are important keys to hosting a professional fundraiser. But creativity and hard work are also imperative. Here are the three best professional fundraising ideas.

Online Giving Program: There is no disputing that in today’s non-profit world, online is king. That’s why creating a website and launching a full on social media campaign surrounding your charity is almost imperative if you’re trying to raise funds. Dedicate a website that’s entirely devoted to your charity and start spreading the news via LinkedIn, Facebook, and any other social media channels that you can utilize. Set a specific financial goal and give people the chance to track your financial progress. With a strong online presence, you will be able to raise money and awareness for your cause.  

Direct Action Fundraising: This is a great way to tie a specific action to your cause. Rather than just asking for random donations for your charity, make a specific and direct request of potential givers. A good example would be to request a $30 donation for meals for impoverished families or $50 for school supplies for underprivileged children.  Direct action can be very effective because people can tie their actions specifically to a need within your charity.

Certified Mailing Campaign: People take certified mail very seriously which is why this can be an effective fundraising idea. Before launching a campaign like this, gather your mailing list and make sure you have the best potential donors on this list. Once you’ve gathered your list, send out an email and let the recipients know that you have news that you’d like to share and that they should look out for this news in the mail. Then, a few days later, send a certified letter that shares news and updates about your cause as well as a specific request for the type of donation that you are soliciting.