cupmoneyThings You Should Know About Hosting A Coffee Fundraiser

Coffee fundraisers can be an excellent way to raise money—especially if you’re raising funds for a school organization or something similar if for no other reason than so many people love to drink coffee every day. While you’re considering this option, here are some things you should know about hosting a coffee fundraiser:

• There are many ways to do this, but it’s great if you can work with a company that specifically specializes in fundraising with coffee. Companies like Driven Coffee, School Spirit Coffee, and Java Joe’s all deal strictly in fundraisers so they’ll be used to working with groups like schools and churches.

• The profits are high and of course coffee is a hot seller. Which is why this is a great fundraising idea. Most companies offer profits that are upwards of fifty percent, which is a high profit margin for fundraising.

• Go for something that can be personalized. People will love to see your sports team or band name on the label of a coffee bag, which is why you should choose a company that can create ‘branding’ around the group that you are doing the fundraising for.

• Consider selling a parallel item too. Some of these companies also sell things like hot cocoa or tea which can overcome any objections that you might come up against from people that don’t drink coffee. Also, it can simply be a great add on sale for coffees.

• If you can work it around a winter holiday, you might maximize your sales. Christmas of course is an excellent time to host a fundraiser like this as hot drink sales naturally increase. Plus bags of coffee make great gifts.

• Try to get your group excited about the event. We recommend giving your team an end goal to meet and let them know what the money will be used for. This will increase excitement and motivation which will increase sales.