downloadThe Top Ten Church Fundraising Ideas

Looking for some inspiration for your church fundraiser? Check out these fun fundraising ideas—all easy, low-cost and totally easy to advertise. When fundraising for your church, keep in mind that you want to do as much marketing as you can for the event. Post notices in your church bulletin, put up posters all over social and common areas in your church, and spread the word on the website or blog of your church. You’ll get your whole congregation jazzed about it if you talk it up beforehand. Here are our top ten church fundraising ideas:

1. Have a breakfast. From donuts to pancakes, a charity breakfast is a great idea for church groups, especially for those that celebrate religious services on Sunday mornings. Invite family, friends and everyone you think you can.

2. Sell some junk. A junk sale or garage sale is an awesome idea. Have people donate their unwanted items and gather a group of volunteers to run the show.

3. Have a church lock-in. This is a fun idea for teens and youth groups. Set up movies, game tables, food and more and have volunteers work. Kids get to have a sleepover in a safe place and parents get a night off. And the church group makes money.

4. Put out change jars. Fast and easy and surprisingly profitable, make a sign about your cause and put out a jar to collect loose change.

5. Sell candy bars. Choose from one of dozens of companies online that work with charity groups and get the kiddos involved at church to sell chocolate for a profit.

6. Chili cook-off. This is fun if you go to a church with a large congregation. Host a contest to have a chili cook-off where people can sample the wares. You can offer music, games, or other entertainment and charge an entry fee.

7. Carnival. This is a big undertaking but can be very profitable if it’s done the right way.

8. 50/50 raffle. The King of all raffles because it’s so simple, doing a 50/50 raffle for your group can raise big bucks.

9. Have a bingo night. What’s more fun than a bingo night with friends and family at your church? People pay per card and per game and they can win prizes—part of the money raised goes to your charity and part go to the winners. Don’t forget to serve snacks and food.

10. Church cookbooks. This is fun and easy and can provide buyers with something sentimental and useful. Gather your best cooks and have them share their favorite recipes. Then sell a book for charity.