stack-of-ten-dollars-familyportraits-300x200The Top Five Big Money Fundraisers

So you are tasked with raising large sums of money for your charity, but you don’t know how to kick-start a high-grossing fundraiser? Before you get started, sit down and map out your fundraising goals to find out exactly how much you need to raise and determine how long you have to rake in the cash. Get creative with your big money fundraising ideas and do a little bit of research to find out how other organizations have been successful. Here are the top five big money fundraisers:

1. Create an online presence. If you are a non-profit, you simply can’t afford not to do this now. Create a website and start working on engaging followers. Update your social media profiles and task your volunteers to start managing them regularly. Create a strong call to action to get people to start giving.

2. Have a telethon. This may seem old-school but it honestly still works. Start dialing companies who can get involved either through monetary donations or good and services for an upcoming event. You’d be surprised what a little personal contact can do for your fundraising efforts.

3. Host a holiday festival. Nothing brings in the crowds quite like a holiday celebration. But, you have to make it truly exciting, like having a festival of lights for Christmas complete with food, entertainment and tons of lights. You will certainly have to spend money to make money, but this can be incredibly effective.

4. Host a celebrity golf tournament. What’s better than a golf tournament? A golf tournament where local or national celebrities play. People love an excuse to hit the greens and what better way to raise awareness and money than garnering support from the best local golfers.

5. Start a direct mail campaign. There is a reason why companies still send cards and newsletters—because it works. Launching a direct mail campaign can be one of the most cost-effective fundraising ideas that still brings in large sums of money.