The Top 3 Restaurant Fundraisers

restaurant fundraisersPlanning a fundraiser that is sponsored by a local restaurant is an ideal way to raise funds for charitable organizations like church groups, sports teams, and other non-profit organizations. Through this type of fundraiser, restaurants can benefit directly because they gain extra exposure for hosting the event as well as increasing their customer base and gaining a favorable reputation within the local community. The charitable organization can in turn benefit by raising money as well as receiving contributions in the form of goods and services. To plan your next restaurant fundraiser, check out these Top 3 Restaurant Fundraisers for some great restaurant fundraising ideas:

Donations From a Portion of Sales for a Single Day

This is one of the simplest and most effective restaurant fundraising ideas. The restaurant that your organization chooses will simply commit to donating a pre-established percentage of the total sales from that restaurant on a particular day. The organization that will be receiving the donation is in charge of bringing customers to the restaurant on that particular day. Employing easy and cost-effective marketing strategies like creating a simple flier or a coupon can be a very effective way to bring in customers. Also, this method of restaurant fundraising is inexpensive for the charitable organization as it requires no costly or time-consuming setup or marketing materials. Also, it keeps things simple for the restaurant and offers them a way to publicize their business to the local community.

Proceeds From a Single Menu Item or Signature Dish

This can also be a creative and simple restaurant fundraising idea. Many restaurants have a ‘signature dish’ or popular menu item that regularly brings in customers. One easy way to raise funds for your charitable organization can be asking the restaurant to donate a portion of sales from their signature menu item to your organization. The restaurant owner or manager can agree on a pre-determined percentage of proceeds as well as the length of time that the donation will be offered such as a single business day, a week, or a month. Again, this is a relatively simple and low-cost method for both restaurants and non-profit organizations to host a successful restaurant fundraiser.

Food or Venue Donations

Asking a local restaurant to cater an event for your organization is one of the most commonly employed restaurant fundraiser ideas. Many restaurant owners or managers will agree to offer food and staff members to cater your charitable event in exchange for publicity and notoriety. Another option is to ask a local restaurant to host your event at their establishment during non-operating hours or in a separate room. Your organization can benefit by selling tickets to raise money for the charitable meal and the restaurant will gain exposure by providing excellent service and great food.