The Top 3 Most Effective Ways to Solicit Sponsors for Fundraising

Soliciting sponsors for contributions can be an overwhelming task, but there are some tried and true methods that many charitable organizations employ for their fundraising efforts. Fundraisers and donations can be a great way for local business to indirectly advertise to new customers and can also offer businesses an incredible way to build a positive reputation. Although soliciting for donations can be daunting, check out The Top 3 Most Effective Ways to Solicit Sponsors for Fundraising for some helpful hints:

Leverage Your Personal Contacts

What they say is true: It’s all about who you know. When trying to raise money for an organization or planning a fundraiser, start by looking around you to see who might be a potential resource. Neighbors, fellow members from a church congregation, extended family members, co-workers, and friends might have some wonderful connections to a company that loves to contribute to local charitable organizations. Start asking around, send out a mass email, or post it on Facebook. If you find someone in your personal network with that connection, set up a meeting so that they can introduce you. Presenting your fundraising case in person is a great way of soliciting sponsors.

Plan Your PR and Marketing Campaign First

Most of the time, for businesses to get involved in fundraising and donating, it all boils town to publicity and advertising. How will they benefit from donating to your charitable organization or agreeing to host a fundraiser? Before approaching local businesses to solicit sponsors, plan a solid marketing and PR campaign first. Let your contributor know what kind of media coverage or free advertising they will get by sponsoring the organization or event. Make sure that you plan to invite members of the press to attend your event or try to get them to do a story about your organization. Use blogs and social media to promote your event or organization. Let your potential sponsor know that you have already have a rock-solid marketing and PR campaign and they will be more likely to want to be involved.

Write a Letter or Create an Email Campaign

When in doubt about how to solicit sponsors, this can be a great place to start. Do your research and find businesses or individuals that would have a common interest in your charitable organization. Today, many people prefer to read emails, so make the subject line compelling and make sure that it’s personally addressed as most people prefer direct and personal communication. Also, short and sweet is better. Make sure to follow up a week or so later to make sure that the email was received. The same goes for a good old-fashioned letter campaign. Make it personal, make it short, and make it compelling, and you’ll hook potential sponsors right away.