Creating a fundraising strategy is the key to successful fundraising.

The Keys To Developing A Fundraising Strategy

Every fundraising plan needs an effective fundraising strategy to truly work well. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to launch into a fundraiser. That’s why it’s important to sit down and map out a plan of attack before you get to work. To get you going on the path to success, here are the keys to developing a fundraising strategy:

• Gather the best minds. Before you create a strategy, you need to arm yourself with knowledge, information, and motivated individuals. That’s why having a team of people with experience in fundraising or people that are resourceful will be an important part of your organizations’ success. Gather them for a fundraising strategy meeting—or more than one meeting if need be.

• Identify a problem and a solution. When you boil your goals down to the finer points, your charity really needs to be able to address a problem with a solution. So, identify a problem within your community and define how your charity can solve that problem. This is how you build a case for soliciting donors.

• Create a financial goal and target audiences. Once you know what your mission is, identify which audiences you will target once it comes time to solicit donations and resources. Find organizations or individuals that you have a common link with. Also, sit down and create a financial goal.

• Plan your events. Next it’s time to get to the nitty gritty of which events you will have and what you aim to raise during those events. This is also when you will structure your volunteer assignments and create structure for your organization.

• Go online. A fundraiser is significantly more successful if you go online, so take the time to build an online presence to market your events and raise awareness about your charity.

• Build relationships. Once you’ve completed the steps above, it’s time to go shake hands with people and start building relationships to cement repeat donors and raise awareness about the goals of your charity.