moneyThe Best Quick Fundraisers

It’s great when you have time to plan, develop and perfect a fundraising event, but sometimes in the world of non-profits, you need to launch some quick fundraisers. There are dozens of quick fundraising ideas out there, but we’ve narrowed it down to the fastest and most effective of the lot:

  • Start an email chain. It only takes a few minutes to craft a really good fundraising email. If you need cash fast for a cause, sit down and type out a really compelling email and send it to every person on your contact list. Much like a chain letter works, ask each email recipient to send it to five people on their contact list. You’ll be amazed at how a donation drive like this can raise funds fast. Just don’t forget to make it easy for email recipients to donate money.
  • Have a car wash. It doesn’t take long to throw this fundraiser together. Find a location, grab some buckets, soap and rags at a store and head out to make a profit on a sunny day. Create some easy make shift signs and wave people down to your car wash location. Charge a small fee or accept donations outright.
  • Start a crowdrise site. Launching a free website about your cause can help you raise money via crowdfunding. Which essentially means to use the crowd to fund your cause. Sites like give you an opportunity to tell your story using pictures and stories while gaining you exposure to people who might be interested in donating money.
  • Throw a party. Are you raising money for your church? Throw a potluck party, blare some dancing music and ask people to bring a dish to the parish hall for a fundraising party. You can charge a fee for each person that comes. If your group is a bit smaller, why not host a party at someone’s house? Provide some snacks and refreshments and get people together for fun and for a good cause.