youth baseball player at batThe Best Baseball Fundraisers

Whether you’re baseball fundraising for a tee ball league, an individual, or a school baseball league, there are a number of ways to conduct a baseball fundraiser. The best ideas are fun, easy, and low-cost. Here are some of the best and most effective baseball fundraisers:

  • Water and soft drinks. There are a number of companies that will work with baseball leagues to provide products at a discount. Selling items like water and soft drinks during games is a super easy way to make money for the team.
  • Discount cards. Working with local restaurants and businesses, you can order discount cards that you can sell to people who want to help the baseball team out. Numerous companies online offer discount cards and buyers like the discounts that you get if you buy one.
  • Team t-shirts. A win-win for the team, team t-shirt sales help raise money for the team but also rally support around the baseball team.
  • Lollipop sales. A good one for the littler baseball players, lollipop fundraisers can be a cheap and effective way to raise money. They are a low-cost item and always a bit hit with the little guys.
  • Car washes. A classic when it comes to fundraising, a car wash fundraiser is fun for the team and can raise a surprising amount of money in a one day fundraising event.
  • Team calendar. This can be a really fun way to raise funds while celebrating the years’ fun with pictures. Family members of the team will love having their child commemorated in photos and everyone can always use a calendar.
  • Restaurant fundraiser. Working with a pizza restaurant or burger joint after a game can be a fun way to raise money. The team and their families can get together to bring traffic to the restaurant and often restaurants will donate a portion of the sales to the sports team.