Thank you letters are used for a variety of reasons. They’re essential after receiving gifts or other services. What about sending a thank you letter for donation?

After any donations are made to a cause or an individual, a thank you letter is in order. This is more than proper etiquette.

Someone took the time out of their day to give to your charity or organization. Letting donors know you are thankful for them is a great way to show how much you care about the donation.

Other than these reasons, thank you letters give you the opportunity to follow up with the person or organization. Now, they have your contact information and additional information they can use whenever they want to make another donation.

Best Reasons for Thank You Letters

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There are so many reasons to write personal thank you letters to donors. Whether you use snail mail or email, these letters will go a long way.

Without a thank you letter, the organization you represent won’t look as professional as it should. Every good organization needs to have a system in place to gather donor information so that they can properly receive thank you letters for donations.

1. Keep Donors Coming

After the donor reads a thank you letter for a donation they made, they will feel special and appreciated. This lets them know that they value each and every dollar made towards their cause.

Donors will keep donating to a cause they feel good about. Part of feeling good about a charity or organization is the way they treat their donors.

This way they’re more likely to keep coming back for additional donations.

2. Opportunity to Follow Up

Keep in mind the most efficient way to follow up is to send the thank you letter within a few days or weeks of the donations. You don’t want to hold off.

In the thank you letter, include a message about your email list or updates they can receive about the organization.

Most of the time, people donate to causes they’re passionate about. This means they probably want to keep up with how far the campaign is going. This is also a great opportunity to tell them about free events that may be hosted in the future.

3. Begin a Connection with Donors

After writing a thank you letter for a donation, you can begin a relationship with the donor. Once they receive the thank you letter, they will notice how much you appreciate them.

They may look into other ways to support your cause or bring others potential donors to you.

4. How Will the Money be Used?

This is a great time to let your donor know how their contribution will be used. Be direct and provide details about how exactly the money will benefit the cause.

Surely, they know the basics of the campaign but use this as a time to show them the plan of the organization in the future. The donor wants to be sure they’re donating money to a stable cause.

5. Hand Written Letters Promote a Personal Connection

Rather than sending a thank you letter through email or some other kind, consider using handwritten letters. Using a handwritten thank you letter after the donation will show that you value the donor.

This will promote a personal connection. When someone receives a handwritten thank you letter, they will feel special and connected. This is also a great way to build an ongoing relationship.

6. It’s Simply the Right Thing to Do

Anyone who has good manners will provide a thank you letter after a donation. Imagine having donors and never sending thank you letters to them.

Perhaps they donate to many charities when they realize they didn't get one from your organization, do you think they'll be likely to donate again? Will they want to bring their associates in for more donations? Probably not.

7. Helps You Stand Out

This could be the first time a donor has ever given money to an organization or cause. You will automatically stick out after sending a thank you letter.

Donors are more likely to remember your cause every time they donate. If they get a thank you letter for donation every time, they will remember the relationship between themselves and you.

8. Improves Mood

You may not realize it but sending a thank you letter after a donation will improve your mood. The act of being grateful will increase happiness levels and promotes gratitude it makes sense that after receiving a donation you’ll be happier.

Show your happiness by giving a thank you letter to donors.

9. Thank You Letters are Becoming Rare

There was a time when snail mails and letters of gratitude were more prominent. With technology and the fast pace of society, letters are becoming a thing of the distant past.

In this day and age, thank you letters are becoming very rare. Sending one after every donation can keep this slow yet special way of showing appreciation alive even during the digital age.

10. Increases Creativity

Writing thank you letters increases and promotes creativity. This will help your organization acquire the skills needed to run a good fundraiser.

Use new techniques to wow your donors. Different computer software programs can be used to create bright and exciting thank you notes. This opportunity to promote creativity will pay off in the end.

Donors will know you took the time to create an amazing looking thank you letter.

Thank You Letter for Donation Variations

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On your organization's website, you can provide a thank you column of gratitude to people who have donated money and resources. Showing supporters on the website allows others to see who has been contributing.

Cultivation events are created to give previous donors a chance to socialize and remember why they donated. Hosting this kind of event is a real-life way to say thank you to them for their contributions.

This can even become a party. Whether your organization would like a formal party or a carefree outside barbeque with games is up to you. Keep the conversations light and fun. Don't ask for more donations. Use this time to show appreciation for donors.

A stewardship matrix can give donors the extra push needed to donate over and over again. An example would be giving donors different products at each different donation level. For those who only contribute a few dollars, a month provide a thank you letter.

For those who give over $100 or $200 a month, give them a newsletter or monthly brochure. Be creative when thinking of products for large donors.

Dealing with Donor Complaints

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Every once in a while, you may receive a complaint from the donor. If this is the case, be sure to respond within 24 hours. Make sure all their needs are met. Always be respectful and courteous.

If your organization gets a bad rep from even one donor, it could drastically change things. Let them know you are aware of the problem and tell them how you’re doing to fix it. Simply acknowledging the complaint is a step in the right direction.

How to Write an Effective Thank You Letter

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Writing a thank you letter for donation is a simple task. Even though this task is simple, there is a right way to do it. Consider telling a short story inside the thank you letter.

This will allow the donor to remember more why they donated in the first place. It will also promote more donations.

Allow the thank you letter to breed creativity and individuality. Take it to the next step for regular donors and those with massive donations. Send a personalized thank you video in which you take the time to address the donor by name.

If you can remember the first time you met the donor, include that in the thank you letter. This way, they know how special they are to you.

Tell the donor what the donation has done for the community. Show them that it's helping. Did someone receive a meal? Perhaps the funds were used to help research efforts? It's important to let donors know what’s going on with the campaign.

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