raffleTen Unique Raffle Basket Ideas

Putting together gift baskets to raffle off for your charity is a fun and creative way to raise money for your organization. With a little ingenuity and some creativity, you can come up with some irresistible raffle or silent auction baskets that will help you raise some cold hard cash. Here are ten unique raffle basket ideas to get you started:

1. Chocoholic’s basket. Fill this one with chocolate bars, hot cocoa mixes, and chocolate cook books. It will be a favorite among raffle ticket buyers!

2. Culinary delight basket. This is great for people who love to cook. Fill it with fun cooking stuff like new oven mitts, some cookbooks, and some new measuring cups and cooking utensils.

3. Tea lovers’ basket. Add in a tea cup set, a new tea diffuser, some herbal teas and cookies and this is a great basket to try to sell.

4. Coloring basket for kids. Full of fun coloring books, large and small crayons, and anything else you can think of and you’ve got the perfect gift for kiddos.

5. Book lover’s basket. Complete with best sellers, book marks, and a book journal, this is a great option for people that love to read.

6. Travel basket. There are so many things you can add to this basket. A travel journal, travel pouch, luggage scale, travel books and more.

7. Have a beer basket. This one can be really fun for people that love beer making or micro brewed beers. Include some unique locally brewed beers, books about beer, and beer snacks and this will be a must-have.

8. Whimsical basket. Pick fun childhood games like Mad Libs and candy that you liked to eat when you were a kid and create a basket with a lot of whimsy.

9. Gardening basket. Add some cute gardening gloves, garden stakes and new garden tools and you have a readymade basket that gardening enthusiasts will love.

10. Pizza night basket. You can put in a new pizza stone, gourmet pizza sauces or pizza cookbooks to make this one a really fun option.