candleTen Of The Best Fundraising Products To Sell

Coming up with the best fundraising idea for your charity can be difficult sometimes. There are a number of factors such as budget, price, and number of volunteers that can affect what kind of fundraiser would work best for you. Selling products for charity is always a great way to go, and luckily the sky is just about the limit because there are so many companies that are in the fundraising business these days. Here are ten of the best fundraising products to sell:

1. Candles. What better way to make money than to sell something that smells good and makes a great gift? Yankee Candle can help you host a fundraiser, among other companies.

2. Scratch cards. Whether its discounts or free stuff, people love to buy scratch cards and you can make money for your fundraiser if you choose this option.

3. Rubber bracelets. This is a fashionable and fun way to raise money for your charity. Generate team spirit and show off your team’s name and logo with these fundraising bracelets.

4. Lollipops. There are a number of companies that sell lollipops for charity, Ozark being one that has a great track record. Sweet, inexpensive, and fun, lollipops can be a great moneymaker for school charities.

5. T-shirts. This is a great option for sports teams and the like. Put your mascot, logo, or team name and sell t-shirts for a profit.

6. Candy bars. Who doesn’t have a hankering for a good chocolate bar? Nestle and Hershey’s both offer fundraising candy opportunities.

7. Coffee mugs. Another item that makes a great gift and can be really useful is a coffee mug. There are a number of ways to make them special, like using team photos or slogans, but this can be a great idea.

8. Discount cards. A great way to get local businesses involved in your charity efforts is to sell discount cards. You work with local businesses to get them to promise discounts to be part of a discount card and the buyer gets special discounts to places like their favorite restaurants.

9. Flowers. This is a great idea if you do it around holidays that are typically associated with flowers like Valentine’s Day.

10. Tote bags. Fun, creative, and again, highly ‘giftable’, working to create special tote bags for charity can help you raise money in no time.