615x200-ehow-images-a07-1g-to-individual-fundraising-ideas-teens-1.1-800x800Ten Fundraising Ideas for Teens

Teenagers can be a tough crowd, so when it comes to finding appropriate fundraising ideas for this age group, you need to think of something cool and safe that’s not going to be seen as dorky or boring. To get you started, here are ten fundraising ideas for teens:

1. Car smash fundraising. This fundraiser is exactly what it sounds like. The idea is that you smash up a car for charity. There are many articles online that will tell you how to run this type of fundraiser. Just keep safety in mind.

2. Host a car wash. This is an old standby, but always popular with teens because they can let loose and cut up. Plus it gives them a chance to spend time outside.

3. Host a charity dance. But make sure it’s ‘cool’ and not nerdy. Have a great DJ play the latest music and make it a theme that teens will actually be interested in.

4. Have a dodge ball tournament. Teenagers love to pound each other with dodge balls, so why not make a competition out of it for money? This is a great idea for energetic teens.

5. Host an American Idol type event. Have some type of talent show or contest for charity.

6. Have teens host a dinner. This is fun because it can be a very social event where teens can invite friends and family. Have teens play chef for the night and cook a big chili or spaghetti dinner.

7. Put on an art show. This is also a really cool idea. Teen artists can show off their artwork for a good cause.

8. Have a bowling tournament. Yet another fun social event, have students collect pledges for the number of pins they knock down during a bowling tournament.

9. Sell food during lunch. Of course students have to have permission to do this, but selling something like pizza from a restaurant in the school cafeteria can raise money.

10. Work with the theater group or band to put on a concert or a show. Charge an entry fee and the student organization will raise money in no time.