school-fundraisers-300x199Ten Fantastic Fundraisers For Booster Clubs

If you’re looking for some good booster club fundraising ideas, look no further than some great ideas below that actual booster clubs have used in the past. There are a number of ways to make your booster club fundraiser a real hit, but most critically, you need to make it fun and engaging. Here are ten fantastic fundraisers for booster clubs:

1. Advertise in programs. Advertising that your fundraiser, event, or just the need for donations can make you big money and help you reach your fundraising goals.

2. Host a sports tournament. If your booster club involves the school basketball or baseball team for example, host a teacher/student tournament and sell tickets for your group. You can even sell concessions during the event for some extra profits.

3. Have booster club bingo. This is something that the whole family will love. The winners can take home their winnings and your booster club treasury will be full after this event. Again, sell concessions to make some extra money.

4. Host booster club BBQ. Some kind of cook-off or competition can make this even more fun. Or you can opt for a traditional barbeque dinner and charge a reasonable fee to families and friends who want to attend.

5. Do a bake sale. No explanation needed for this one!

6. Sell some candy bars. There are dozens of companies online that will help you with this one. Candy sales are a no-brainer.

7. Have a family casino night. You can charge an entry fee and have family oriented prizes like candy for the big winners. You could also make this an adult-only event as well.

8. Sell coupon books or discount cards. A great way to get your community involved in booster club fundraising is to sell a charity coupon book or discount cards to buyers who will visit local stores and restaurants for a discount.

9. Have a pancake breakfast. All you need is donated supplies and some volunteer chefs to make this fundraiser an event to remember. A great way to have fun and raise money for your booster club.

10. Choose to do a raffle. Whether you raffle off cash prizes or donated goods, raffles are a great way to raise money.