mission tripTen Effective Church Fundraising Ideas

Some of these are old standbys and others are a bit outside of the box, but if you put a little creativity into the mix, you can come up with a church fundraiser that’s perfect for your church group, no matter the size. Here are ten effective church fundraising ideas:

1. Put on a play. This can be a great way to get the whole congregation involved. Put together a play, something with a religious theme that would interest your church, and have your youth group play the parts on stage. Charge a small entry fee.

2. Have a car wash. It’s a true fundraising classic, but it works. It’s great if you do the car wash right after your weekly service so you can catch all of the church goers.

3. Host a dinner night. Spaghetti and entertainment always bring in the crowds! Have your volunteers be the cooks and servers.

4. Have a Christmas wrapping event. Round up the churches best gift wrappers and set up a gift wrapping center during the holiday season. Wrap gifts for donations.

5. Sell gift baskets. This is also a great idea during the holiday season or other religious holidays like Easter. Make your baskets cute, unique, and enticing and you’ll raise money in no time.

6. Have a church yard sale. This fundraiser is fun and can be a great money maker. Post a request in your church bulletin to have people donate their unwanted items. Then have a yard sale during a designated weekend. Be sure to advertise the event in your local community.

7. Host an auction. The key is to get donated items from local businesses or congregation members so that you can auction them off. This can be a great fundraising idea.

8. Offer a night of babysitting. This is great for parents and works even better if the church has a play room for kids. Host a volunteer babysitting event for donations or a small fee.

9. Host a girls’ night event. This can be great for the women in the church. Host a spa night and movie night for a fee. Pedicures and girly movies and fun!

10. Have an international night. Make recipes from around the world and have a fun international night. Worldly entertainment or games could be a bonus.