fundraising-creative-ideas5-bTen Easy Fundraising Ideas For Schools

If you need to help a school band, sports team, or other group with a fundraiser, you don’t have to look that far for fundraising ideas. There are many online companies that you can hook up with and local restaurants that are just around the corner that can help you with this. Here are ten easy fundraising ideas for schools to get you started:

1. Sell flowers. This is an easy event to work around a holiday that’s associated with flowers like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Selling long stem roses for a profit is a great idea around a romantic day like Valentine’s.

2. Have a bake sale. This just takes a little bit of work and selling some enticing goodies at a table in the school cafeteria or during a larger event.

3. Raffle stuff off. Put together cool baskets or get goods donated from local stores and restaurants and raffle it off for a profit.

4. Host a charity restaurant night. There are many restaurants that will donate a portion of the earnings from one night of business if you bring in foot traffic to their restaurant. This is a great idea.

5. Recycle stuff for a profit. Get students motivated and launch a recycling drive. The top earners can get a prize and your organization can raise money while doing something that’s good for the environment.

6. Sell something that students create. Whether its greeting cards or coffee mugs, getting your students to create a work of art and then selling them for your organization is a great idea and parents will love this.

7. Have a garage sale. This is great because it gives people a chance to donate stuff and you can make money at the same time.

8. Sell pizza. Working with a local pizza chain is a great idea. Host a pizza night at school or easier yet, sell slices in the lunch cafeteria.

9. Sell chocolate candy bars. This is popular because it works really well and there are many companies that offer high-quality products that you can sell.

10. Do it with books. Host either a used book sale or a book club fundraiser and you can make money while satisfying people that love to read.