downloadTen Creative Silent Auction Basket Ideas

Are you hosting a silent auction, but you’re running short on donated goods to auction off? Consider putting together some creative gift baskets yourself to auction off. Options for themed gift baskets to auction off are endless and they make incredible gifts for people. Here are ten creative silent auction basket ideas:

1. Spa day gift basket. From bubble bath to face masks to mani/pedi supplies, this basket idea is popular with the ladies and sure to get lots of bids.

2. Win the lottery baskets. Include some scratch off lottery cards and chocolate coins and you have a fun basket that may give recipients the chance to win big money.

3. Liquor basket. A cute set of cocktail glasses, some swizzles, and some international liquor will make this a hot selling item.

4. Go golfing basket. This can be a really fun idea for people who love to play golf. Create a basket that includes new golf balls, tees, and green fees to a local golf course and you’ll get people to bid in no time.

5. Chocolate lover’s basket. This one probably needs no explanation. Beyond chocolate candy, you can include chocolate cookies, hot cocoa or chocolate flavor liqueurs.

6. Go barbecue basket. Delicious rubs and barbecue sauces coupled with new grilling tools make this a fun and popular auction basket idea.

7. Sports team basket. Create a gift basket based around a local basketball, football, or baseball team. T-shirts, event tickets, baseball caps and other team items can make this a best seller.

8. A night at the movies basket. This one is fun if you include movie tickets, popcorn, DVDs and candy to give people a night at the movies.

9. Taste of Italy. Include some organic Italian pasta, Italian wine and delicious pasta sauce or even a gift certificate to a favorite Italian restaurant.

10. Game night basket. Include some fun board games, candy and soda and you’ll have a favorite basket for a night of fun.