diy-titleTen Best DIY Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is something that anyone can do, so if you’re in charge of a small group fundraising event and you don’t know where to start, there are some great resources online that will offer some creative inspiration. There are ways to make your event low maintenance and without too many upfront costs. Here are the ten best DIY fundraising ideas:

1. Have a community car wash. This is a perfect car wash if you have a location already squared away, such as a church or community center.

2. Host a yard sale for the community. Get friends and family to donate their stuff that they don’t want anymore and give it to your community yard sale. What’s great about this one is that all of the profits go towards your organization.

3. Have a 50/50 Raffle. This can be effective if you have a way to advertise this event, or if you wrap it into a larger event. People buy a raffle ticket. Half of the earnings go to the winner and half of them go towards the organization.

4. Sell food. From pizza nights to a bake sale, doing a fundraiser with food is always a popular choice.

5. Sell a cookbook. Gather the best recipes from your friends, or better yet members of your charity, and put together a nice cookbook that you can sell for a profit.

6. Breakfast with Santa. Hire the best Santa you can find (or even ask a friend to do the job) and host a pancake breakfast with Santa Claus around the holidays.

7. Spare change jar. This is as easy as it can possibly get. Leave a spare change car in a high traffic area and label it as donations for your charity.

8. Have a pumpkin patch. Fun for the holiday season and great if you’re fundraising for your church, buy pumpkins during Halloween and sell them for a profit. To add to the fun, set up a pumpkin decorating table where kids can decorate them.

9. Sell something at Christmas. Sell candles, gift wrapping, Christmas cards, or gift baskets that your organization has put together.

10. Have a move night. Sell popcorn, snacks, and drinks and host a movie night with family movies. Really fun if you can host it outdoors!