how-to-build-a-2Nine Awesome Charity Raffle Prize Ideas

Are you thinking about doing a charity raffle for your school, church or work place? Raffles are a popular and fun way to raise money for charity. From experiences to cool things people can take home, raffles are a win-win for both charities and donors. Check out these ten awesome charity raffle prize ideas for inspiration.

  1. Money. Oh yes, this would be a big winner with potential donors. Choose to do a 50/50 raffle and give people the chance to win some cash.
  2. Spa days. Work with a local spa to get a spa package at a discounted rate and then raffle it off for your charity.
  3. Electronics. From television sets to Blu-Ray DVD players, electronics can be a popular choice for an item to raffle off. Get creative and raffle off an entire entertainment system with a TV and sound system.
  4. A cruise. If you want a raffle item to be the talk of your fundraising event, raffle off a cruise to the Carribbean or Europe and you’ll see the bids fly in.
  5. Dinner with a chef. If you want to treat donors to something really cool, purchase a dinner for six with a notable local chef. The chef goes to the house and cooks a supreme meal for a select group of friends. This will be a big hit.
  6. Weekend getaways. Work with a local timeshare or resort place to have them donate a weekend getaway to some lucky raffle winner.
  7. Sports parafanaila. From autographed baseballs to beautiful images of a favorite football stadium, sports stuff can be a popular raffle prize item.
  8. Gift baskets. Get a little creative and create some culinary, chocolate, wine, or kids gift baskets. They will show your creativity and people will love to buy them for gifts.
  9. Movie nights. Who doesn’t love a dinner and a movie as a date? Tickets to movies and a nice dinner for two can be a great raffle item.