moneySeven Tips For Successful Fundraising

If you’re new to fundraising or even an old pro, it’s important to keep the basic fundamentals of fundraising in mind when thinking big picture about what you hope to accomplish for your charity. Here is some sage fundraising advice with seven tips for successful fundraising:

1. Set a financial goal. When thinking about what you hope to accomplish, it’s best not to grapple blindly in the dark for a financial goal. Sit down, crunch the numbers, and decide exactly what you need to raise (with a cushion) before planning any event.

2. Plan far, far in advance. When it comes to hosting fundraising events, something is bound to always go wrong. Plan for minor setbacks by giving yourself ample time to sit down and map out your fundraising event, including all of the steps leading up to the big event.

3. Take your charity online. We’ve said it before, but we’ll keep saying it over and over: You have to go virtual and viral. Utilize websites, blogs, social media and marketing newsletters to build a following and create relationships. Going online will be a large key to your success.

4. Network like crazy. In addition to building friends and followers online, look in your own circle of people. Friends, neighbors and family can be a critical piece to your fundraising puzzle.

5. Create a brand around your cause. Since it’s not a private corporation, you don’t need a brand, right? Wrong! It’s important for people to know who you are, what your organization represents, and what story you have to tell. So, create a brand and promote it.

6. Don’t forget marketing and PR. You need to spread the word about your efforts more than to just potential donors. Don’t forget to make valuable media connections that might be willing to tell your compelling story.

7. Be patient and carry on. With fundraising, some things might work and others might now. If you fail, learn your lesson and move on to a new strategy. Also, patiently nurture your relationships as they will keep your organization going.