download (1)Seven Great Donor Recognition Ideas

Your sponsors and donors are a critical part of the success of your charity. Without them, you won’t see the continued success of your non-profit, and you need to think carefully about how you can recognize them appropriately and in a truly authentic and meaningful way. Here are seven great donor recognition ideas to get you started:

1. Host a luncheon. This is a great way to continue to raise awareness about your cause while also recognizing your donors with some well-deserved recognition. Make it classy with good food and some nice entertainment and it will be appreciated.

2. Give them free PR and advertising. Business sponsors will benefit nicely from great publicity. Give them an extra plug at every turn possible.

3. Send a hand-written note. Including images and personal anecdotes about your charity and how their support has benefited your organization will go a long way to garner their secured their support.

4. Create a display in a public place. Creating a beautifully designed, artful wall with donors’ names is a great way to recognize businesses and individuals.

5. Create something that shares values with your organization. For example, create a donor garden if you are part of an environmental charity.

6. Don’t give expensive gifts. This might send the wrong message since you are, after all, requesting donations of money from your donors. Stick with more heartfelt things that won’t cut into your valuable fundraising budget. Donors don’t need an expensive gift. If they’ve donated to your organization, they want to know that the money is going to help your charity.

7. Send a video thank you. This is such a meaningful, personal, and original way to let your donors know how much you appreciate them. Gather the most creative members of your organization and make it entertaining, engaging, and authentic.