download (2)Seven Festive Christmas Fundraisers

‘Tis the season for fun, merriment and giving and so Christmas is the perfect time to host a Christmas fundraiser. Your charity can take advantage of people’s excitement and generosity by hosting an event that celebrates the season. Here are seven Christmas fundraisers that might be perfect for your charity:

1. Sell Christmas cookies. Maybe this one is obvious, but it’s a really fun way to utilize your creative baking skills. Whether you go for decorated ginger bread cookies or simple sugar cookies, there are plenty of ways to sell cookies for charity.

2. Host Christmas karaoke. All you need is a venue and a karaoke machine and you can have people belt out their favorite Christmas tunes. Invite people to dress in their best dazzling holiday attire and serve fun drinks and snacks. Charge a fee for entry and accept donations.

3. Have a holiday wrapping booth. Have everyone throw in their leftover gift wrap and buy some cheap wrap and put a table in a high-traffic area. Offer to wrap presents for a small fee or for donations to your charity.

4. Do door to door caroling. This is a time honored tradition but it’s rare to see these days. Knock on doors and gather your friends to put their voices together in song. You can accept donations for songs.

5. Have breakfast with Santa. Have a tall guy you know rent a Santa suit and serve pancakes and coffee with an opportunity to take photos with Santa.

6. Host a Christmas 5k. Looking for a bigger idea? Have a charity run/walk where people can come in their favorite holiday costumes. It would take a lot of legwork but it would be a lot of fun and you can raise some serious money.

7. Sell candles. Candles make great Christmas gifts so this is always a great idea for a holiday fundraiser. Choose a well-known company like Yankee who offers a generous profit margin and a great product.