fundraiserFormal Fundraising Letter

Oftentimes it is important for a group to write a fundraising letter collectively. This type of letter can be sent to those who are friends or supporters of the group or who send regular donations.

Sample Fundraising Letter Asking For Donations

Below you will find a sample letter, which asks for donations toward a walk that a student group will be doing. This letter would be sent to regular donors, alum of the group, and general supporters from the community.

Dear Sir or Madam,

The Young Professionals Board is a group of fourteen to eighteen year old students who also happen to be entrepreneurs. This year, the group has partnered with the Northern Area Homeless Shelter. This partnership has flourished over the past months as we have dedicated time and energy to the soup kitchen, food pantry and assisting homeless men and women in marketing their skills and background to find employment, all of which are programs through the Northern Area Homeless Shelter.

Inspired by the impact of our work, the Young Professionals Board has decided to do a fourteen-mile walk on October 7 to raise funds for permanent employment services at the Northern Area Homeless Shelter. We have a total of twenty-six young people who have risen to take on the challenge. While the event requires tremendous commitment from each of our board members, as we must mentally and physically prepare for the walk, it also requires tremendous commitment from our financial supporters to be a success.

Our goal is to raise $300.00 per person, which would be a total of $7,800.00. This would be enough to fund the employment services program for a full annual quarter. In those three months, the program could provide employment services to hundreds of unemployed and underemployed homeless people in our city. This cause is so important and can help change the lives of people in our community.

Please take this opportunity to support the Young Professionals Board in this walk. Your donation is an important part of the work we do as young people in our community and your gift can be one that not only empowers us as we work to be entrepreneurial youth, but it also can change lives.

We hope that we can count on you to help support our cause.

The Young Professionals Board.

Informal Letter From an Individual

For many youth fundraisers, the best form of financial support comes from the friends and family of each individual youth. In this instance, it is important the youth make an individualized ask to each of the possible donors.

Below is a sample letter, which has been personalized to reflect the personality of the person writing the letter and the personalities of those receiving the letter.

Dear Aunt and Uncle,

As you have probably figured out, I tend to get myself into a new project every year. This year I am participating in a dance contest to raise money for our eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. The dancers meet after school with an instructor once a week and we have been practicing our samba, tango and hip hop dance moves for a month now and have another month of practice before the competition.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. No worries…you don’t have to shake, shimmy or roll with me up on stage! But a donation toward my dance competition would be wonderful! Each of us has been asked to raise $400 toward the trip.

If you can help, please make your check payable to my school and return it to me in the envelope I have included. I will be recording the dance competition and will make DVD copies to send to all who donate, so you won’t miss out!

Thank you so much,

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