70349-425x282-Church_fundraising_letter_aSample Fundraising Letter For Email

In this age of modern technology, utilizing email can be a great way to quickly and cost-effectively spread the word about your fundraising efforts. Almost everyone has an email address these days, and you can save yourself a lot of time and postage if you opt to circulate your fundraising letter via email instead of snail mail. The rules of writing fundraising letters would still apply in the same way so be clear, concise, and correct in your request for donations. You can choose to send the email out in bulk or use a special email program that will help you address each recipient individually. An email fundraising letter might be more casual in tone as well, since you are familiar enough with the recipient to have his or her personal email address. Here is a sample fundraising letter for email distribution:

Dear Friend (or first name),

As you are probably now familiar, it has become an annual event for me to participate in the Pancreatic Cancer’s Committee’s Annual event, Purple Stride. This important event raises money to fight cancer and to raise awareness of cancer in our community. It is a city wide event run by volunteers and led by PCC staff. It honors cancer survivors, and also those who have lost their lives while battling cancer. I became involved when I moved to Texas 3 years ago, and since then my involvement has grown.

I have been fortunate because I have worked with wonderful people on PanCan Walk and this year I am a Team Captain for one of the walks in your city. The unfortunate part is that I can tell you of the impact that cancer has had on my life—I recently had an aunt who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is still fighting the battle today.

As you also know, part of this event is fund-raising, and I would like to ask you to sponsor me so that I can walk in this event and raise money for this important cause. I will be walking 10k for this cause and the event will take place on March 15.

If you are interested in donating money to support this worthy cause, please visit my fundraising website link here (insert URL) or email me back with a pledge of how much you would like to donate. Also, you can send a check directly to the PCC and I’ve included the address below. If you would like more information about how the PCC utilizes its funds, please get in touch with me and I will be happy to send that along.

Thank you for your support and concern for the fight against pancreatic cancer.

(Name and contact information)