featuresReasons To Use Online Charity Donation Sites

There are many good reasons to use online charity donation sites to run your fundraising campaign. Thanks to many ingenious minds who have focused on making fundraising easier, now there are several charity sites that you can choose from. Websites like Crowdrise, Network For Good, and many others make the fundraising process easier and somewhat automated, so that you and your organization can focus on strategy, marketing, and recruiting volunteers. Here are some reasons to consider using online charity donation sites:

• It’s a one stop shop for people that want to give. Rather than people having to search around online for multiple sites if they are in a giving frame of mind, these websites give people the chance to find the charity that’s right for them quickly and makes the process of donating funds easy to give.

• It can help you reach people you may not have reached before. Since these websites act as a place for people to browse charities, your organization would have access to a potentially new audience. It would help you raise new awareness of your organization’s work and reach new donors.

• It’s a great way to find new volunteers. That’s another bonus of working with an online fundraising website: Potential volunteers can find you this way too. It’s so easy to find interesting charities on this website that you might captivate a new person who wants to get involved on a deeper level.

• Many of them use social media automation. In addition to giving you the ability to set up your own fundraising page that’s unique to your charity, through many of these sites, you can connect your site to your Twitter and Facebook pages along with other social media channels, making the process of staying connected much easier.

• Users can read and leave reviews. This can boost the reputation and trust factor of your organization tremendously. There are many sites that allow users to leave reviews of the charities that they have worked with or donated to.