ACCB_Apple_Caramel_LReasons To Choose A Candy Apple Fundraiser

Are you in charge of hosting a fundraiser for your church group, school group, medical center or other small charity? It’s hard to think of unique fundraisers that might attract the right type of donors but also generate interest. A candy apple fundraiser can generate excitement with younger audiences while making older audiences nostalgic for something a bit old fashioned but delicious. Here are some reasons to consider hosting a candy apple fundraiser:

• It’s easy to order online. Do a quick search for “candy apple fundraiser” and you’ll return dozens of results for companies that offer online, high-quality products and they work frequently with small groups who are trying to raise money.

• They are delicious. This will make them an appealing product to purchase. Who can resist gooey caramel wrapped around a delicious apple? Or you can even pick gourmet apples with nuts and chocolates.

• It’s a great thing to sell during Halloween. Hosting a Halloween carnival at your church or school? Why not add on some extra fundraising power by hosting a candy apple fundraiser during your Halloween event.

• Generous profit margins. If you work with a reputable company that is online, you can be sure that you’ll benefit from a generous profit margin when you sell your candy apples.

• You can do it yourself. You can find candy apple kits at grocery stores and online as well. Choose the most delicious apples and get crafty with some of your own candy apple creations to sell to people during another event.

• You can sell to anyone. Approaching friends, neighbors, family members and members of your inner circle is a great way to sell these as everyone will be drawn to the uniqueness of what you are selling. Candy apples are great for sports teams, youth groups, academic organizations and more.