nestle_straight_chocolate_03Reasons to Host a Candy Bar Fundraiser

Whether you’re in charge of a sports team fundraiser, a youth group donation drive, or a school band fundraising effort, hosting some type of candy enterprise is one of the best fundraising ideas for organizations that involve young people. There are a number of large companies such as Hershey’s and Nestle, for instance, that will work with your organization to host a candy bar fundraiser. Here are some great reasons to host a candy bar fundraiser:

1. It’s great for profits. Most companies that offer candy bars for fundraising efforts are very generous with their profit margins. Many companies also sweeten the deal by offering extra incentives to both buyers and sellers (such as extra candy bars, valuable coupons, or other sweet treats) to motivate people to buy and sell more.

2. It can be really fun. It’s no surprise that kids love sweets, so it’s easy to get them involved in their own fundraiser which takes the load of the work off of busy parents. It’s also an easy sell since most people love candy bars. It’s also easy to make decisions about how to structure the candy bar fundraiser, whether you decide to go door to door or host a candy bar party.

3. It’s affordable. These types of fundraisers are popular because most people can afford a few bucks for a candy bar. This way, buyers that really want to donate in some way aren’t pressured into spending a lot of money on something that they don’t really need.

4. It’s low maintenance. There are so many companies out there that offer these types of fundraisers, that people have lots of options when embarking on a project like this. These companies have fundraisers like this down to a science, so you can simply place your order and start selling very quickly. It’s a relatively low-maintenance way to raise money for your organization.