fundraising-wristbandsReasons to Consider Fundraising With Wristbands

There are so many ways to go about kicking off a fundraising campaign, but choosing an option that promotes the brand of your organization by creating visual awareness is always a great way to go. Fundraising with wristbands gives people a way to connect with your organization in a very exciting way and can help you raise money. Here are some reasons to consider fundraising with wristbands:

• They can be personalized. There are many companies online that will help your charity customize wristbands to sell for fundraisers. They can include inspiring messages, names, and logos and come in a variety of colors and styles. Selling wristbands creates excitement and gives people a sense of community as they all band together to wear your organization’s wristbands.

• They are low cost. This is a very affordable way to raise money. You can order from one of the companies online and you will make a profit with the sales of each band.

• It’s a great way to up the fundraising potential during another event. These can be hot sellers during events like sporting events or a fair. You can set up a booth and piggyback by selling during a major event and you’ll make money in no time.

• It doesn’t require a lot of planning. You can simply place your order and start selling the wristbands over a certain period of time. It doesn’t require a lot of volunteers or other resources to make money while hosting a fundraiser event.

• It can be tied to your specific brand or cause. Simply put, this can be a great way to raise awareness for your worthy cause because it’s truly personalized and can be matched to include your brand—the colors, logo, or whatever else sets your charity uniquely apart from others.