OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARaise Money With A Food Fundraiser

Hosting a food fundraiser for your charity can be a lucrative idea. There are countless food chains out there that offer a variety of food fundraising programs from pizza places to fast food restaurants and doughnut shops. The key is to find a restaurant that will match the mission and goals of your organization and cater to the same type of audience that you are trying to access. Here are five companies that you can work with to host a food fundraiser:

1. Papa John’s Pizza. Whether it’s pizza by the slice, pizza parties, or discount fundraising cards, this famous pizza business has your fundraising needs covered. They’ve been offering this service for a while, and you have the power of the brand behind you, so trying to raise money this way is a sure win.

2. Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies. Specializing in selling frozen cookie dough for fundraisers, this company is a great one to approach. The items come neatly packaged and there are different flavors to choose from, so this can be a real win with school groups. It’s a great idea for holiday fundraising too as frozen cookie dough comes in handy during the holidays.

3. Hershey’s fundraisers. Partnering with the most famous name in chocolate can really give you the upper hand with your fundraising efforts. They offer large profit margins and a variety of options which make it an ideal fundraiser.

4. Wendy’s fundraisers. This popular fast food chain offers visitors the chance to earn money back for their organization when they have gatherings at a local Wendy’s restaurant. So, if you plan to have dinner with your school band or church group, this can be a great way to raise money.

5. Cheesecake Factory Donations. Another strategy for raising money can be approaching local restaurants for donations in the form of gift cards. This is the tack that Cheesecake Factory takes and each local restaurant has a small budget for donating gift cards each month. Get your ducks in a row, however, because they do ask that you include details about your organization and how the donation will be used in advance.