Humanity has achieved much but has failed in the act of giving. With little emphasis on giving back to the community, there is a dire need for igniting the charitable act in each one of us. What better way to inspire than through giving back to the community quotes?

Here are top 10 giving back to the community quotes that will help you cultivate the act of generosity among one another. They will give clarity on how simple kindness is and the huge impact it leaves on people’s lives, no matter how small a contribution you make.

Details on the Top Ten Giving back to the Community Quotes

In a world polluted by selfish gain, there is a small margin trying to fight the status quo. These individuals see the need for a change of mindset when it comes to charity. In an attempt to change the world, they have come up with giving back to the community quotes that aim to inspire folks into generosity.

We have simply filtered the list from a long array of quotes only to serve you with the most inspiring fragments. Please note that our giving back to the community quotes are paraphrases and not the actual quotes. Be inspired!

1. No Charitable Act No Matter How Small Is a Waste 

Giving out toys for Christmas or a turkey dish every thanksgiving may seem insignificant. However, it may mean a lot for those who receive your gesture of kindness. If it puts a smile on someone’s face, then it is not a waste of time. So never refrain yourself from doing little things for others because they occupy the biggest part of their hearts.

2. When Blessed with Much, the Gift Is to Give back

When fortune comes knocking, it is important to remember others. Giving back creates a virtuous cycle that ensures everyone becomes successful in the end. It also creates room for more to come. By holding back, we might be hindering other blessings meant to cross our paths. Keep in mind that true happiness comes when you give back.

3. Giving back Is a Requirement, Not an Option

Giving back is not an extracurricular activity, but part of life’s course. We should feel incredibly blessed for having and thus recognize the importance of sharing what we have. By doing the act of giving optional, we are unknowingly contributing to the dysfunctional in our community. Remember, life itself is a gift, so why should we be selfish?

4. Learn to Give, Even When Blessed with Less

Giving back does not necessarily mean that you reached a point when you have so much; it’s sharing the little so that everyone can have something. A wise person said that you should give not because you have plenty but because you know how it feels not to have.

5. When You Live a Life in the Service of Others, You Live a Life Worth Living

When it comes to giving back to the community quotes, this is one that is most mentioned. There is nothing more satisfying than watching people giving back to the community in all sorts of productive ways. This giving back to the community quote explains how much pleasure comes from helping other people. A community created by people living in service of others is one full of happiness and trust. The key is getting excited about doing something small for someone.

6. It Is through Giving that You Receive More than You Have

The hand that gives is the hand that receives. An empty cup will always get a refill, but one that is overflowing will have no space to contain it all for itself. Every time you let go of something, you get rewarded with double its original value. Open both your palms wide so that when the left gives, the right receives. For it is in giving that we receive.

7. Achieving What You Want Is Not Nearly as Important as Giving What You Have

You always make a living by what you get, but you create your life by what you give. The only legacy that is important is what people will remember you for after you perish. Remember, folks tend not to recall your material achievements, but the imprint you left by supporting them. Therefore, your greatness is not valid on what you have but what you give. So, strive to leave a mark on the community.

8. Giving back Never Goes out of Style

Unlike trends that are seasonal, helping out does not have a season. Anytime is a good time to be kind to someone. Giving back never gets old or runs out of style. Growing up you learn about doing something of significance to someone in need. Into your adulthood, you are still inclined towards goodness because a nice gesture will never go without feeling fulfilled

9. Generosity Involves a Certain Amount of Giving up

Whether it’s donating clothes or a smile to someone who needs it, giving back requires some effort. For you to give out something, it means you are giving up a part of you that was important. It all begins in the heart. You don’t do it at the insistence of others that tell you this is the right thing to do. You are generous because you want to be good to others.

10.Giving Is Not about Donating; It’s about Making a Difference

Giving back to the community is always about serving. It’s the service that touches a soul and makes a difference. Donations could plainly contribute to the well-being of someone for a short while, but if it makes a difference, it will go a lifetime.


We hope that by highlighting the top ten giving back to the community quotes, you will be inspired to improve a life no matter the means. Remember, this is a small step with a powerful force that changes the world. Feel free to share your view about giving back to the community in the comment section below.

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