stack-of-ten-dollars-familyportraits-300x200Quick Fundraisers For Any Group

Do you need to raise money for a charitable cause and you need to do it quickly? There are a number of ways to quickly and efficiently raise money so that you can meet your goal. Maybe it’s for someone that needs help with health issues or perhaps you just found out about a school trip that you need to fundraise for. Whether you are fundraising for school or doing a church fundraiser, these ideas can help you raise quick cash. Here are some quick fundraisers that would work for any group:

• Do a 50/50 raffle. Half of the money goes in a collection jar and the rest goes right to your cause. Buy some quick raffle tickets and the big winner gets half of the pot. A 50/50 raffle is that simple and can work great as long as you can recruit people to participate.

• Post a fundraising thermometer chart. Tell people you are urgently seeking donations for your cause and create a thermometer that you can post on the wall in plain view of the masses. Color it in as you rack up donations and people might be willing to donate if you give them a visual.

• Start an online crowdfunding campaign. Online campaigns are all the rage right now and there are a number of great fundraising websites that can help you spread the word like wildfire. Get social and use Facebook to promote your cause.

• As for donations straight out. It may seem trite, but this can work wonders if your cause is worthy. Start by asking colleagues, friends and family members to help support your charity. Let them know that you are working under a deadline.

• Host a party. Maybe throwing together a last minute party isn’t possible, but if there is a way to host an open house, it can be a fun and really great way to raise quick cash. Get some nice appetizers and drinks and make it a social event where you can tell your story and share information about your charity.