A well-constructed press release will go a long way toward successfully placing an announcement about your charity event in the local newspaper, on the local radio station or on local TV.

Editors will give preference to publishing an announcement that provides them with the information that they need. They do this in a structured way. It is important, therefore, that the press release is written in the right format.

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10 Tips for Your Press Release

A press release is a means of submitting information to a news organization, such as a newspaper, radio station or television outlet, with the aim of it being published. So much information pours into news organizations daily. So a well constructed press release is more likely to gain attention than other casual submissions. These are usually badly written or are simply the copy of a flyer and so might easily be discarded. So this is why sometimes a press release example is necessary.

A news organization might not necessarily publish a press release using exactly the same words in which it is submitted. News staff often will edit the contents of the press release to their organization’s style. This might differ from one to another. A press release does is convey information in an effective and useful way. A few tips can help you write a press release on a charity event that will stand a good chance of being published. These tips are reflected in the press release example that follows.

1. Submit the Press Release Digitally

Gone are the days when press releases should be submitted in writing, placed in an envelope and mailed. In most cases you should write a press release in a word processing program. Then, save it as a PDF document and email it to the news organization with a message that says as briefly as possible what is in the press release.

Alternatively, call the organization and ask them how they prefer a press release to be submitted. Some might prefer you to paste the press release directly into an email message. Include your contact telephone number and email address. But do this only if it is not the same as that from which you are sending the message.

2. Write a Brief Headline

Summarize the event in a headline above the press release to gain the attention of the editor. With the contents of the announcement, it looks more attractive. Make sure it includes a verb.

3. Include the Date of Release of the Information

You might want the announcement to be published only a week before the event. Or you might prefer the publication to use it long in advance. At the top of the press release write: For immediate release if you require it to be used as soon as possible. You can also set a date, such as For release on May 13.

4. Send It in Good Time

Many news organizations have set days of the week on which they publish or air such information. So make sure that you send it a reasonable time in advance. For a weekly publication, send a press release at least a week in advance of the publication in which you would like it to appear.

5. Study Similar Articles

Check out similar announcements. Target the publication or radio or TV station that you hope will use your press release information. Many have a set format for using such announcements. If you cannot find an example, the press release example below will give you a good idea of the way in which it should be written.

6. Start with the Most Important Information

A press release aims to grab the attention of the editor and therefore of readers. Therefore, it should begin with the details of the event. It needs to answer the what, when and why questions right up front, as in the press release example below.

A good test is to determine whether the first paragraph of the press release can stand on its own and still includes the basic information you need to convey.

7. Provide Full Details

The press release should include all relevant information. So try to write it so an editor or reporter will not need to call for more details.

8. Leave Out Superlatives

Your press release should not aim at selling the event. It should be directed only at saying what it is. Editors will delete words like amazing and stupendous anyway. So keep on their good side by leaving them out.

In addition, the press release example below indicates the tone of the writing.

9. Avoid addressing the reader

Keep the information objective and impersonal. Therefore, avoid using the word you. The press release example below indicates the approach you should use.

10. Keep It Short

Just because you write a long press release does not mean that the organization will use more of it. Therefore, an editor will cut it down to the length that fits the news organization’s requirements. This means that it has to be as short as possible. If you write it too long, the chances are that the information you really wanted to be publicized will be cut.

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Press Release Example

Here is a press release example for a charity event:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Sale to aid flood victims

A sale of hand-knitted crafts ranging from baby clothes to blankets will be held at the Downtown Community Center. The address is 13700 Main Street, in Smalltown. The schedule is from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, February 12. The sale is being held to raise funds to aid victims of the recent flooding in Smalltown.

The items have been donated by members of the local community.

All the money raised in the sale will be given to the Organization to Aid Flood Victims. The organisation was set up two weeks ago. A number of families were forced to abandon their homes in the flood. They need immediate assistance.

For more information call Jane Doe at 555-555-5555 or reply to this email message.

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